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Price review come April

Since our last price review in October 2021 our electric costs increased by a further 21%. With the recent Ukraine crisis wholesale GB gas has +52% which could increase electric costs further. Combined with ever increasing fuel costs which is making delivery more costly. We will be keeping an eye on these costs and they may stabilise but if they don’t we will have to review our prices again in April.

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Electricity costs

Our electric supply costs went up in the summer. We decided to see what would happen come the Autumn. The tariff has increased further to a rise of over 57%.Our processes use lots of electric, the dryers run 24/7 so this has had another dramatic influence on the business. We have started the process of investing in solar PV to try to not only produce green cleaner electric but to be in a position to protect the business against additional energy inflation as we believe electric costs will only continue to increase over the coming years.  An increase of 4.5% will be added from the start of October.

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