I’m Jeremy Suffern (a.k.a. ‘J’) and for years I’ve specialised in producing and supplying only the finest quality hardwood logs, kindling, briquettes and pellets for burning at home.
As hands-on producers, Homra are very different from ‘log traders’ who import surface-dried wood from various sources in Eastern Europe.
Our logs are grown and harvested locally in Northern Ireland and we kiln-dry them not just to a shallow depth of one or two centimetres but right down to the core. This enables us to guarantee that, throughout the burn, they’ll give the hotter, cleaner and longer-lasting output you should expect from genuine premium firewood.
People who’ve run a wood-burning stove for any length of time soon realise what an amazing difference the quality of the fuel – particularly its moisture content – can make to comfort and economy.
I believe our wood, expertise and service are the best in the UK and Ireland. Take a look at the Benefits section and you’ll see why.